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A few years ago, I was called by a client to help her with her daughter’s bedroom.   She wanted me to create a 3-d ceiling illusion bedroom mural. It would be something that would be elegant but would also be versatile in case to turn the bedroom into a guest room in the future.  My client said that she wanted the ceiling to look like an opening to the sky.  We spoke further about making the mural elegant yet simple, to incorporate some kind of corner accent that would have silver and gold.  I also helped my client select a blushy pink wall color for the walls.

Painting illusions is one of my favorite things to do. I couldn’t wait to get started.  Back at my studio, I started little thumbnail sketches.  Thumbnails are quick sketches.  They are basically quick thoughts in images.  I do more detailed drawing later on in the process.

My client liked the concept in the thumbnail and after further discussion, I refined the drawing.  Using good old one point perspective, I created the ceiling to open up showing an atmospheric blue sky with lots of clouds.  I designed a custom ornamentation that I would paint into the corners.  I then framed the whole ceiling with bands of warm gold metallic paint from Modern Masters.

3-d ceiling illusion bedroom mural drawing
This is the detailed drawing for the mural


Creating a  3-d illusion requires a great deal of planning in order for the illusion to work.  Accurate measurements, a grid, chalk line, painter’s tape, and lots of patience are part of the necessary checklist items.

ceiling to be painted
This photo shows the ceiling as I was starting to install the mural.

After two and a half weeks, the mural was complete. The little girl had a beautiful ceiling mural.  It was versatile enough to be an appropriate mural for a guest bedroom.  The walls were purposely untouched so that they could be filled with little girl pictures and eventually be replaced with other artwork should the change to a guest bedroom occur.

3-d ceiling illusion bedroom mural
Here is the completed ceiling mural by Artworks by Marcine

I think using the ceiling wall as your fifth wall is a viable way to visual interest to a room.  It helps to free up the walls for other art. Plus, it is just really darn cool to see.  What do you think about murals on the ceiling?  Feel free to add your comments in the comment section of this blog.

If you’re interested in having work like this 3-d ceiling illusion bedroom mural done, please contact me.  I’d love to help you.  I can be reached by phone at (908) 599-2129 or you may simply click on the link to my contact form here.

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