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cherry blossom nursery mural

Haha, I bet the title of this post, “Moving a Mural” made you look twice.

Let me tell you the story about how I recreated a nursery mural for a client.

Two years ago, I painted a cherry blossom tree branch mural on a nursery room wall.  My client and I had the perfect color scheme and the mural colors were going to look great on the existing wall color.  I added touches of a warm gold to the centers of the flowers and the warm gold matched the metal furniture pieces beautifully.

cherry blossom mural nursery mural

This is the original mural I painted.

The Recipe Book and Cans of Paint

I jotted down the colors and notes in my “recipe book.” My recipe book contains notes on all my projects including colors I’ve used, glaze ratios I’ve mixed, and quick sketches I have made.  I have kept my all my recipe books since I started my business.  However, the Pandemic changed that.  I started cleaning my office out and purged many of my recipe books. I also gave the cans of paint to my client in case she needed them.  That’s just a policy of mine.  This way, if the client wants to have me touch up something, or perhaps wants to custom match a fabric, the colors are right there.

Life Happens

This past Fall, I received a call from the same client.  Life happens and she was in the process of moving.  She was heartbroken over leaving the mural and asked if I could recreate it in her new home.  She sent me pictures of the new space.  I stopped by and measured where the mural would go.  I made the process as smooth and stress free as possible.  (I’m sure you’d agree that moving is stressful enough.)  When the other contractors were done, I went to the new home and recreated the mural.  Within a few days, I made the nursery feel like home.

cherry blossom mural nursery
Here is the cherry blossom mural in its new home.

The mural process– from the initial meeting to the actual painting–should not be stressful at all for the client.  This is a joyful experience!  Making something from the heart that creates joy in all who see it is my “Why.  ”

I’m glad I could help my client move the mural.


Are you interested in having a mural or a painted faux finish in your new home?  There’s no need to stress!  I can help you.  Call me at (908) 599-2129 or simply fill out the contact form here.

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