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As I write this blog entry, the temperature is finally warming up here in NJ.  I’m thinking about how many people will be turning their attention to  outdoor spaces.  Homeowners will think of converting home backyards as extensions of their living spaces or magical outdoor places.  Businesses may have already made a shift to using their business outdoor spaces as usable spaces.  What gives an outdoor space a feeling or a particular energy that makes you want to stay in it or revisit it?  A restaurant chain such as Rainforest Cafe comes to mind.  It is a combination of sights, sounds, props, moveable animals provide an immersive experience.  It takes the customer to a different place almost like an alternate reality.  While it’s not necessary to go to an extreme in your outdoor space, creating an energy  or a particular vibe can be accomplished at a simpler level.   Outdoor murals painted on a wall, fence, or shed as an easy solution for a home or business.

Home Outdoor Mural

For example, this past Fall, I created an outdoor mural on the back of an outdoor kitchen wall for a NJ homeowner.  This homeowner happened to be a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He created this kitchen/ bar as his outdoor man cave and called it “The Steel Town Tavern.”  The back of the kitchen, which would be visible to the rest of his backyard, was the perfect canvas for a Steelers themed mural.  After more discussion, my client specified that he wanted a vintage Steelers look. He also wanted me to include a favorite family saying.

I fanned my Benjamin Moore color deck out and matched colors to a Pittsburgh Steelers flag he had hanging in the backyard.

After a few mockups on the computer, the drawing was approved.

I painted a faux finish worn base on the cinderblock.  After that, I added the imagery on top of the base.

Here is the before and after.  This fun mural changed the feeling of the backyard space!

kitchen wall
This is the back of the kitchen area before the mural.


outdoor kitchen mural
After photo showing completed outdoor mural by Artworks by Marcine.


Business Outdoor Mural

If you’re a commercial venue such as a restaurant, murals or wall finishes can be painted just about anywhere.  If your outdoor locations are not permanent or you don’t have permanent wall structures, consider painting exterior murals on panels that can be put away during the winter time.  I painted outdoor murals on panels for Runaway Rapids Water Park in NJ.  The panels on this kiosk are removeable and are put away during the winter.

keansburg water park
Murals on removable panels for the waterpark in Keansburg.

Of course, if you have a permanent structure, then you have a blank canvas.  This is an opportunity to  reinforce your company’s brand or to paint an aged or textural finish.  Creating a visual whether it be a full mural, or small hand painted accents around a space, or a textured wall finish will definitely help create an ambiance and a place that your customers will want to return to again and again.   For residential owners, painting murals on an unused wall or storage shed or portable panels will help create the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted.


Are you interested in adding something visual to your backyard space but aren’t sure where to begin?  Are you a NJ or Bucks County business owner and want to make your outdoor space less about asphalt and more about ambiance?  I can help you!  I encourage you to check out the rest of my website, www.artworksbymarcine.com or fill out my contact form here. Of course, you can always reach me by phone, (908) 599-2129