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I have been doing this art business thing for a while and I often think about what are some of the absolute neatest projects I’ve done during my career.

Coming up with just one project fitting the “cool” bill was impossible, but I’ll tell you what has to be the coolest type of projectS: being a behind-the-scenes artist for an escape room.

A few years ago, the owners of ESCAPOLOGY in the Garwood NJ location asked me to help them out with a small room, transforming a pre-boarded room into dungeon stone by painting the walls to look like faux stone.  I also helped with some props by painting them in the correct colors and codes.

Immediately I was hooked; creating an escape room is no easy task.  As you know, this type of venue relies on fitting the right clues together to unlock other clues, with the ultimate goal of finding your way out of the space  within a time limit.  I could not believe the amount of planning and engineering it takes to make a space and an ultimate escape experience successful. From an artist’s point of view, this experience was super exciting!!!  A year or so later the owners called me to help with some of their escape spaces at the Escapology Bell Works NJ location.   It was a dream come true because I got to work my art magic such as trompe l’oeil, faux painting, and rendering skills to help create believable themed spaces.

Here’s some things I painted for the escape rooms in no particular order:

escape room art
Escape room chamber faux painted by Artworks by Marcine to look like stone.
door faux painted
Faux painted door by Artworks by Marcine for Escapology
Party room mural by Artworks by Marcine at Escapology Bellworks. This mural has a functioning clock in it which works perfectly with the brand.

A little bit of art can DEFINITELY transform a space.  I’m so glad Escapology called me to help.  I look forward to working with the Escapology team in the future!

Are you a business owner, perhaps an escape room owner who needs some art magic?  Well, then, let’s talk!  Call Artworks by Marcine at (908) 599-2129 or simply fill out my contact form here.

Would you like to try out an Escapology escape room venue?  Escapology has two locations in NJ: 

Escapology Garwood 300 South Ave, Garwood, NJ  908-232-2222

Escapology Bell Works 101 Crawfords Corner Rd. Holmdel, 732-490-7175

Check them out online at escapology.com.