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Recently, a friend of mine gave me a call.  His son races go-carts.  My friend wanted to know if I’d paint art on his son’s go-cart to really make it stand out.  I love doing out of the box things and this go cart art request fit the bill.  His son had a vision and with more information from my friend, I created a design based upon a solar flare.

Making the teen racer involved in the process

I wanted to make sure that my friend’s son, who is a teenager, managed the project.  Using a computer, I superimposed the design onto a photo of his go-cart using the colors I had in mind.  With some minor changes, the design was a go.

The go-cart body is here!

My friend delivered the go-cart body and we put it in my garage.  I placed the body on a table with some wooden blocks to raise it up. I better to work on something at my level rather than working on the floor because it is easier for me to see what I’m doing .  The fiberglass body is light enough that it could be picked up if need be to carry the image to the underside of the body.

Getting to work.

The fiberglass body of the go-cart was black.

go cart body
This is the body of the go cart

Using many layers of paint including spray paint, I built up depth.  This flare design needed to  “pop” so onlookers could see the design.  I also wanted my friend’s son’s vehicle to really stand out from the crowd of other go-carts, so I used very intense bright colors.

Keeping the client in the loop

As I worked on the go-cart body, I sent progress photos to my friend.  He shared them with his son and the young racer’s excitement grew with each progress photo.

go cart design     painted go cart front

Don’t forget the name!

Lastly, I hand-painted the racer’s name on the body in the electric blue color that the teen wanted.  I made sure it was large enough to be seen.

name on go cart


The solar flare was complete.  We had a go-cart body with “flare!”

What do you think about the outcome?  I’d love to read your feedback in the comment section of this blog.  Would you like to see more of my work?  Please visit my site artworksbymarcine.com .   If you want to set up an appointment, please call me at (908) 599-2129 or simply fill out the contact form here.