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canvas painting by Artworks by Marcine

On Small Business Saturday, I had gotten a text from a fellow NJ business owner, Chef Marie, owner of Proper Palate. “I’d like you to create a painting for me that I can hang in my office and it will be in the background when I do videos for social media.” Chef Marie began telling me the size specs and details of what she was looking for. I have known Chef Marie as a business owner for a few years and I’m a big fan of her Instagram account. I know that she is a perfectionist in her cooking and she is an utmost professional. I felt as though we had a connection, so coming up with an idea for her painting came easily. I looked at her logo and in the drawing, I created warm wood planks with a cutting board on it. I superimposed the logo on top of the image. She asked if I could include a favorite quote in the painting. I wanted the quote to be something she could easily see, but it would not scream out from the canvas and distract the viewer I made the Rumi quote like wood grain in the cutting board. I showed her a few mockups and with some tweaks and a canvas size change, the painting came to life.

canvas painting by Artworks by Marcine
This is the finished painting for Proper Palate. I used rose gold leaf to really make the logo and name stand out.

Being in the mural business and having done a lot of projects for different businesses throughout the State, I know that having a visual representation of your business somewhere is ultra important, even if you use it for the sole purpose of social media videos. A canvas in this scenario works super well because it is portable. My word of advice is to go big on the canvas if you can. A canvas size of 2′ x 3′ is adequate to put your logo on it with imagery that will easily be seen in the background of a video. Of course, enlarging the image to at least half wall size would be great too.  Also, use a matte or dead flat topcoat so that when you make videos, there’s no reflection on the canvas.


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Want to contact Chef Marie of Proper Palate?  visit her website at properpalate.com