A Vanity Makeover

bathroom vanity, handpainted, renovation

Occasionally, I will get a call from someone who is not sure what to do with a piece of furniture that they have and because of the furniture’s purpose and/or locale, there is no reason to replace it.

This was such a call.

I spoke with the person on the phone and told her I’d be happy to stop by to take a look.  The piece of furniture was a bathroom vanity.  It was a beautiful piece and structurally, there was nothing wrong with it.  The vanity had been custom fitted to fit the plumbing under the sink and the basin was new.  Cosmetically, the vanity needed some tlc and an update.

hand-painted, furniture, renovation
Bathroom Vanity before transformation by Artworks by Marcine, LLC

I can do that!

The client was happy that she didn’t have to start over looking for a new vanity.  She was also happy that I would be able to do the vanity while she was on vacation.

My client has an antique chair that essentially, she wanted the vanity to resemble.  I did a mockup of the piece including the color change and a particular motif that she liked on my computer.  I find this so helpful for my clients.  The mockup helps clients see how the finished product will look and it is easier for me to make the changes digitally than on location, especially when she wouldn’t be there to check it out.

Furniture in any way shape or form is done in layers and requires patience, patience, patience.  In this regard, a piece of furniture takes time to do; every step has to dry before the next step begins.  I promised my client I would send her daily texts with photos so she could see the progress.

I made the necessary repairs such as fixing dings, scrapes, etc.  There was a lot of wood putty and sanding, washing, wiping.  The surface had to be dust free and clean from greasy residue so that the subsequent primer and paint layers would bond properly.  I also swapped out the plastic tarps so that any dust particles would not be an issue.

Using a bonding primer and  Benjamin Moore Advance , I began transforming the vanity.  Once the layers were dry, I used Modern Masters metallic paint to hand-paint the motifs.  Once that layer was dry, it was time to seal the piece.  The Benjamin Moore water-based paint is very durable on its own, but I’m always concerned about the amount of traffic and exposure to water, etc., so I’d rather take the time and seal up the piece with a commercial quality sealer.

This is the finished vanity.  It was truly a transformation that better fit the client’s space and best of all, nothing had to be installed or replaced.

bathroom vanity, handpainted, renovation
Bathroom Vanity-AFTER by Artworks by Marcine, LLC
hand-painted , renovation, diy
A closeup of the hand-painted details by Artworks by Marcine, LLC

What do you think of the transformation?

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Cracked! A quick fireplace repair

I received a call from a nervous homeowner who wanted to put his home on the market but there was this unsightly crack on the front of his fireplace.  He had the issue repaired but needed to make the visual remains of the crack disappear.

“Can you help me?”  He asked.

I love challenges.  But,  I’ve been doing art all my life, well, since I was 4 or 5 and I was determined I was going to nail this baby.

I reassured the homeowner that yes, I can definitely help him.  I sent him pictures of fireplaces that I have done and walls of faux brick I have done.  Past examples are a great thing because they help reduce the stress of the client and likewise, the artist.  And, who doesn’t want a little stress reduction in their life these days?  Being that he was a good hour or so away, I asked if he could send me some photos of the fireplace so I could take a good look at it.

The homeowner mentioned that he was going to have the mason come back to caulk so it would cut down on my labor time.  I explained to him that in order to make that crack disappear, the caulk has to be brought up to the level of the grout and in the area of the brick, it has to be brought up to the level of the brick.

On the day of the repair,  I packed extra masonry caulk just in case.  (I always overpack–WITH EVERYTHING.  I think I have a problem….)

I arrived at the home and set myself up to start the project.  Yep, it definitely needed to be recaulked; the level wasn’t up to my liking.  I’m a little bit of a perfectionist.  Okay, I’m A LOT a bit of a perfectionist and I wanted the client to be extremely pleased.

Sometimes you have to use any kind of tools you can to do the job.  In this case, a syringe was needed to put the caulk in the areas that needed to be brought up to level.  Yes, artists have these things too!  I really don’t want to make a problem bigger so I try to do the repair gently,  affecting the least amount of space or area.  ( I used this same approach in the wall mural repair I wrote about back in September.) I also used a palette knife to help with the leveling step.

This is the type of syringe I used to insert the caulk into the fireplace crack.

Little by little I built the areas up, using a blow dryer between additions.  Finally, I was ready to paint the gap away.

fireplace repair
All caulked up and ready to go!

The next step was matching up the colors.  I just generally like doing this part and I can easily see what colors are in something.  I know from experience that color in something like this is not consistent; like anything else, there are areas of the grout for example that may be a little more aged.  Also, in this case the brick was not all red.  There were various colors, and all were organic in their own right.

After multiple paper plate palettes (don’t judge; I find white waxy paper plates fabulous for palettes on the go.  Easy peasy cleanup.)  The repair was done.

paint, artists acrylics, golden, fireplace repair
Just a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Many times, paint, especially artist’s acrylic, will have a sheen.  I worked with a glaze to build up the layers, so that eliminated the sheen.


Voila! All gone!
Here’s a closeup.

The homeowner was extremely pleased.  No stress.

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