Art Wrap

I’ve always wondered how a work of art is prepared for shipping. I wish it was one of those practical things that they taught artists in school. As an artist and business owner, I’m always grateful to meet fellow business owners who are connected to art.

Joe Kuryla is one of those guys.

Joe, owner of The Shipping Grounds, prepares an artwork for shipping

Joe owns The Shipping Grounds in Denville, NJ (at 276 East Main Street, Suite #10) We chatted a while ago about what’s involved in shipping art. So, last week Joe called me and said, “I’ve got a work of art to ship out. Do you want to see the process?”

I’m sure you already know what I said.

I did a “Live” on my Facebook and on Joe’s Facebook, plus I did a “Live” on my Instagram. What was cool about that experience is that I was able to field questions to Joe while he was getting the piece prepared. (I decided I really like doing those Lives but that will be another discussion on another blog post.)

If you would like to see the FB Lives (there were 2 parts) please click on these links:

Part 1: The Shipping Grounds

Part 2: The Shipping Grounds

There are many steps to properly wrapping a work of art for shipping. I was amazed . First, Joe wrapped up the piece in layers of bubble wrap–different sizes–taking care that the wrapping is snug against the piece.

Joe, owner of The Shipping Grounds, wraps the artwork snugly in layers of differently sized bubble wrap

He protected the corners of the piece with cardboard corners. (In the case of ornate frames, Joe protects the edges with pipe insulation. ) Joe then added layers of cardboard over the glass. Everything is shrinkwrapped between layers.

Adding the cardboard layer over the glass

The artwork is then placed in larger cardboard sections.

(and this is even before the piece is placed in a box or crate for shipping! )

The artwork is then placed in cardboard “sections.”

This process was for a piece that was framed and had glass on it. The process for a painting is different and involves custom built crates (which Joe does too.)

I loved how Joe was so attentive to detail and took pride in his work. He really loves what he does and it shows.

I also learned that I am not going to pack my pieces if I need to ship them.

I’d rather just call Joe.

For additional information on your shipping needs, please contact The Shipping Grounds, 276 East Main Street, Suite 10, Denville, NJ (973) 625-7774.