I have always held in high regard those who defend our country.  My respect for them is beyond words.  I have extended family members who served in Korea,  my bestie’s husband served in the Army, and I know other folks in my circle who are veterans.  I can’t imagine what these people experienced while selflessly serving our country.

As an artist, I was always searching for some way to say “Thank You” to our vets.   I contacted an organization who helps vets two years ago and a representative called me back.  I explained how I could help a veteran family, even if it meant just painting a room.    The representative connected me with a family whose family member just returned from serving and was looking for some way to paint something to create a serene atmosphere with an emphasis on family.

I met with the family.  I was going to paint a tree that would become a family tree.   Photos of the family were going to be framed and displayed on each limb of the tree.

In one day, the family had the beginnings of their family tree in their dining room.   Serenity.  Family.

Thank you for your service.