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lime paint accent wall

A couple of years ago, I helped with a surprise bedroom makeover for a college age young woman.  A repeat client of mine sent me a text with a picture.  “Marcine, my daughter found this pin of a wall finish on Pinterest.

pinterest pin
The Pinterest Pin that started it all.

She loves the color and the look of the wall.  Can you do this exact wall  finish as a bedroom accent wall while she is away on vacation?  I’d like to surprise her with this bedroom makeover when she returns.”  This is the story of how a surprise bedroom makeover custom wall finish was inspired by a Pinterest pin.

Looking for wall finish clues

This kind of detective work was right up my alley.   The hunt was on to find the exact wall finish, the color, and the product that was used to make it for the surprise bedroom makeover wall finish.

First, I contacted the Pinterest account’s holder.   It was a Scandinavian business.  I sent a Pinterest message asking about the wall in the photo.  Someone in the business told me about a product, lime paint, that was applied on the wall where they did the photo shoot.  Excellent.  I got the name of the product manufacturer, also Scandinavian, and then emailed them with my inquiries.  I got the name of the color and the product used in the photo shoot.  But, there was sad news: unfortunately, this manufacturer does not ship to the United States.

I refused to give up.  I researched the product and various manufacturers who produce lime paint.

About lime paint

Lime paint is a mineral based paint.  Lime paint is  VOC free, and is mold resistant.  It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Finding manufacturers of lime paint

I asked a couple of my decorative painting colleagues for recommendations of USA  lime paint manufacturers.  One of my colleagues told me about a manufacturer, Color Atelier in California.    After speaking with Burju, one of the owners of Color Atelier, she asked if I could send her the picture.  I was excited to receive a response from her that the exact color could be made! A big shoutout and kudos to Color Atelier .  They have wonderful customer service.

My client was excited to say the least!

The Plan in Action

So, one week in July, I drove to my client’s house in western New Jersey.  I prepped the room including the usual wall repairs.  Next, I painted the ceiling and walls in a Benjamin Moore off white color and gave the trim and doors a fresh coat of white paint.  The  lime paint accent wall was next.  I think lime paint is my new favorite paint.  It has a very fluid consistency and is relatively easy to use.  I primed the wall in a dark color and applied two coats of the lime paint, sanding with a super fine 800 grit sandpaper in between coats.  The lime wash has a very smooth to the touch feel, almost like marble.  Sanding brings up the sheen and enhances the depth and movement in the wall finish.

Voila! The result was a sophisticated room for a college aged young woman.

lime paint accent wall
Here’s the completed accent wall. I think the blue is a pretty good match.
lime paint accent wall
Love the movement in the finish.


At the end of this week, I accomplished my part of the mission by helping my client carry out her surprise bedroom makeover for her daughter.

Have you ever been inspired by a Pinterest pin to do a room makeover?   It is a great resource for all kinds of things.  I’m beginning to use Pinterest more often and would love for you to follow my account there.

I hope you enjoyed my story about how a Pinterest pin inspired my client to give her daughter a surprise bedroom makeover.  Do you have a surprise makeover for someone special in mind?  Let’s talk about it.  Call me at (908) 599-2129 or simply fill out the contact form here on my website.