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Faux Paintings

I love my front porch. Over the years that I have lived in my house, my front porch has been a gathering place for neighbors to come and chat, a contained place for my boys to play with their monster trucks when they were younger, the location for many weird and wonderful Halloween decorations.

The summer of one particular year, 2012 as a matter of fact, was a tough summer. My Mom was battling cancer and my boys (ages 12 and 7 at the time) just needed a happy experience. I put my older son, in charge of getting the porch ready for the season. He selected the outdoor rug, he chose the flowers for the planters. But, we were missing something. There’s a little section of the porch that is just the vinyl siding. It needed some attention.

I brought my boys down to my studio and we sat on the floor one hot afternoon. I showed them the blank canvas and I had a closed set of colors that they could use . My older son already knew why we were using those colors: they matched the colors he had chosen for the rug and for the flowers. We brainstormed about things and places that make us happy. Once the boys had a loose plan, I gave them the brushes (of course I had to remind them to wash the brushes when changing colors) and within 15 or so minutes I had their collaborative art piece. They were so proud of their accomplishment!

kids art
This is the collaborative painting made by my sons.

Every spring season, that canvas comes out of the garage, gets wiped off, and hung up on the porch. I see my boys smile when I hang it up.

I smile too.

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