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Not too long ago I received a message from a client, “Marcine, I had a mantle built to finish off the fireplace makeover. Can you work your magic on it?”  It is an honor when a client puts his/her trust in me.

The client had a beautiful chandelier in her family room.  She wanted the paint finish on the mantle to match the chandelier, which made complete sense.

The chandelier that was the source of inspiration


At first I got up on a ladder and pulled the colors out of the chandelier with the Benjamin Moore paint deck.  I made samples on left over pieces of oak from the construction (You should make samples with the same wood because you’ll get different results with other wood species) and got one sample approved. I primed the mantle and then began the painting treatment.  My intuition kept telling me that the treatment on the mantle needed to be darker.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned and learned the hard way is to always go with your intuition.  I called the client into the space for a meeting to discuss my concerns.  I could tell from my client’s expressions that she agreed.  Go darker.

Sometimes you have to be a little fluid in your decision making–especially when it comes to art related things.  The space that this fireplace was in is a grand space–absolutely stunning.  It has tons of natural light coming in from the adjacent windows.  So, when a visitor would enter the family room and see the mantle from afar, it had to make a statement, but not scream that statement. The result was a mantle that fit into the space and worked with the chandelier.  It was simply classy.  The fireplace makeover was complete.

fireplace mantle
Mantle finished by Artworks by Marcine

The fireplace makeover?  Oh yes, I also redid that fireplace.  But, you’ll have to wait for another blog entry to hear about it.  Stay tuned!


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