Artworks by Marcine, LLC has the following pricing terms and conditions:

1. For client locations within 50 miles of Piscataway, N.J., estimates are free. For distances beyond 50 miles of Piscataway, there is a $50.00 traveling fee which will be deducted from the client?s final bill for services.

2. Estimates will last no longer than 1 hour. Additional consultation time may be arranged at the rate of $60.00 per hour.

3. The price of a particular job is comprised of labor and materials charges, plus sales tax where applicable.

4. Effective May 15, 2007, ArtWorks by Marcine will charge $60.00 per hour for labor.

5. Price quotes are “ceiling estimates” meaning that the price of the actual job will not go over what is listed on the contract, unless the client makes changes to materials requirements or project scope as described below. Depending on the amount of time it takes for the artist to complete the project, the actual job cost could actually be less than the estimate. Marcine believes that since each project is customized, this method is the fairest for the client, so that the client is not overcharged, and for the artist, so that the artist is not underpaid.

6. For changes made to a project?s scope, such as adding accents, etc., the ?ceiling estimate? will be adjusted to compensate for the changes.

7. A job will not be scheduled and sample boards/drawings will not be created until the client and Marcine go to contract and Marcine receives a deposit.

8. For faux techniques, a maximum of three sample boards will be provided using the colors the client has chosen. Additional boards will be charged at $25.00 per board, and additional color choices made by the client will also result in additional materials (i.e. paint) charges. In the case of mural work, Marcine will execute up to 3 sample drawings of a particular theme for the client. Changes are gladly accepted as long as they are within reason. However, major changes introduced after the 3 samples are created will result in a charge of $50.00 per additional drawing.

9. The balance of the client’s bill is to be paid upon completion of the project.

10. ArtWorks by Marcine no longer accepts credit cards. Checks and money orders made payable to ArtWorks by Marcine, LLC are gladly accepted. Service charges do not apply to checks and money orders.

11. ArtWorks by Marcine charges NJ state sales tax on all work completed in New Jersey, and strictly complies with state tax rules and regulations from other states in the U.S. A copy of Marcine’s NJ State Tax certificate will be shown upon request.

12. ArtWorks by Marcine will travel outside of the state of New Jersey.Travel and hotel fees will be applied to the client’s bill if such accommodations are necessary.

13. Furniture should be moved 3 feet away from the wall, pictures removed from the walls, etc., before Marcine begins the project. A fee described in the contract will apply if these conditions are not met prior to the project?s beginning.

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